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20BBL beer brewing fermenter 20 Barrel Beer Fermenter

The ACE 20BBL beer brewing fermenter is designed to achieve the best possible fermentation, we offer three zone cooling jackets to control your fermentation process, we can also supply parts for unit tanks if you prefer the 20BBL version. The 20BBL fermenter can be easily converted to a unit tank. You can purchase any Beer fermenter with confidence as we offer lifetime technical support.

Product Description

20BBL Fermenter Standard Configuration

  • Stainless steel construction 304/316 food grade
  • Double-wall jacket with dimpled cooling jacket
  • Inner surface with 2B finish and passivation
  • Oversized for 25% Headspace Fermentation
  • Tri-clamped full sanitary sampling valve
  • Manholes with side or top shadowless pressure.
  • PT100 thermowell with sensor
  • The rotation racking arm on the cone
  • Dry hops with port 4/6 inch
  • 360 degree CIP Spraying Ball
  • Threaded Ice Water Inlet/Outlet
  • Pressure relief valve with gauge
  • The tank’s top edge has a lifting bar.
  • Heavy-duty legs with adjustable bolts
  • Top safety valve for the tank
  • 60deg yeast dump outlet

20BBL beer brewing fermenter Advantages

  1. The tank has lifting ears that make it easy to lift equipment into place.
  2. It is flexible and convenient to deliver beer with a rotating elbow.
  3. A elliptical shield plate is added to the junction between the lower cone refrigerant pipe and the outriggers, ensuring more accurate machining.
  4. All tanks have adjusting bolts that ensure they are leveled and aligned.
  5. Customers can easily operate the clamp that is installed between the material port at the bottom of the tank and the clamp.
  6. The bottom of the Bright tank can be outsourced to a company that produces finished products.
  7. All tanks with bright colors are equipped in carbon stones to capture CO2.
  8. The manhole is a shadowless design that’s easy to clean. The top manhole is designed to suit the fermentation process of the beer and can be customized.
  9. The volume of the top head is not included in the total volume.
  10. The cooling area of the cylinder is sufficient.
  11. Equipped with safety device and positive or negative pressure opening functions.
  12. The cone angle of 60 degrees is ideal for yeast excretion.

20 Barrel Beer Fermenter Specification

  1. Effective volume: 20BBL; Total volume: 25BBL
  2. Size: 1700*3350mm
  3. Material: SUS304/SUS316 Stainless Steel
  4. Control system: Siemens PLC or Schneider/ABB PID
  5. Cooling area 4.7m2
  6. Polished/Brushed/Mirror finish/Pickling passivation
  7. Precision of polishing: =0.4mm
  8. Work pressure: inner jacket, 0.4 MPa Cooling jacket, 0.5 Mpa
  9. Design pressure: Inner jacket 0.2MPa Cooling jacket 0.3MPa
  10. Note: 1 HL=100liter; 1 Gallon=3.7854 liter; 1 Barrel(BBL) =117Liter
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We manufacture and supply equipment for brewing beer, wine, gin, brandy, vodka and whiskey.

Yes, Ace has a strong R&D team that can provide you with customized solutions and products.

The standard warranty for our products is 10 years.

Yes, we can provide you with free online guidance and support. We can also send engineers to your factory for on-site guidance. But you need to pay the traveling fee.

Typically, it takes approximately 30 business days to manufacture a brewery. Depending on the size of the brewery, the amount of custom-designed equipment, our overall workload, and shipping methods, this period may be shorter or longer.

Yes, you are more than welcome! If you are interested in becoming our agent, we will discuss more details.

United States
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The staff is very nice, and the price is very competitive. Very friendly conversation. The products are meticulously crafted, and there are third-party product certifications, the quality is more guaranteed, and I am very satisfied with the products.
New Berlin Brewing
New Berlin Brewing
United States
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Nice fermentor, the company made some small changes we requested with out any hesitation, the only issue was there were a few minor weld defects which could have been improved, they are very receptive to the feed back and we are considering them for further work.
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Everything arrived and packaged well. Shipping was crazy but the supplier did a good job to resolve and get my equipment shipped in time.Thanks very much.
United States
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I was a bit apprehensive about buying from an unknown manufacturer overseas, I took a chance, and it paid off big time for me. The goods were packed very well and arrived in perfect condition. The quality of materials and workmanship are second to none. I will be using Wenzhou ACE Machinery Co., Ltd. again as I am very impressed with their skills.
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Very good service, and good advice. The team are always ready to answer customer question, and product are high quality, it's perfect. Thanks your team for good service
Miellerie King
Miellerie King
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I looked at a lot of stills and found that buying a cheap one would be throwing away money. So I checked out professional built and designed stills. I looked on e-bay, Amazon and private companies in the US and found the best deal on Alibaba with Wenzhou Ace Machine. Great to communicate with, patient, respond quickly and professional. It's built as solid as it looks, like a tank. It should last a long time.