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Return and Refund Policy

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We stand behind our products and services and want to ensure you have a simple and worry-free shopping experience. If you are not satisfied with an item purchased from ACE, you can return it within 30 days of receipt.

These are our guidelines for what can and cannot be refunded. Please review the full refund policy for more details.

A) Return case:

If part of the order is omitted for any reason, we will credit/refund the value of the missing item to your payment terms as soon as the problem is identified and confirmed. Whenever possible, we encourage you to send us photos of the problem so we can resolve it quickly.
If the order has not been processed or shipped and is in pending status, if you wish to cancel the order for any reason, we will cancel the order at your request and process a full refund. Please see the detailed policy for more information.
If an item of your choice is out of stock or out of stock, we will contact you by email with a suggested alternative product, and if the alternative is unacceptable, we will cancel the order at your request and issue a full refund.

B) Case of non-refund:

Bespoke personalized products, such as products engraved with the customer’s initials or personalized for the customer.
When the customer submits the order, the customer has been informed of any other products that cannot be returned due to their nature.
Orders cannot be modified, canceled or refunded if they are being processed, shipped or are in any other status.
The order cannot be canceled or refunded if the address on the order is incorrect, or no one is available to accept delivery, or the recipient has checked out, or the Post Office cannot find the recipient at the address because the name on the cash register or door label is incorrect or different.
In some cases, we offer the option to choose a preferred delivery date. The delivery date selected is an estimated delivery date and is not guaranteed. Our courier service cannot provide such a guarantee because it is impossible for us to do so. Items may arrive earlier or later than the selected delivery date and we are unable to offer compensation or refunds for shipments that do not arrive on the estimated delivery date.

C) Return process:

To initiate the return, you can contact us at [email protected]. If your return is accepted, we will send you instructions on how and where to send the package. When performing this operation, you will be asked to provide the following information:


  1. Description of the product you wish to exercise the right of return;
  2. Order number;
  3. Your contact details and postal address; and
  4.  You may also be asked to provide a photo of the product you intend to return for ACE to make a preliminary assessment of the condition of the product. If your return is accepted, ACE customer service team will confirm the return information with you, it is necessary to use the designated express carrier to return the merchandise. Except in the circumstances mentioned above, the costs related to the return of the product are the responsibility of the customer. ACE is not responsible for the risk of damage or loss due to ACE during the return of the product.


Please note that returned items will not be accepted without having previously requested the return.

Detailed refund policy

Before the order is processed
If you decide to cancel your order before processing the shipment, we will refund the full amount. If the order has been placed in error, or if you have changed your mind, you can contact [email protected] to cancel it. This is not guaranteed during peak sales season, or if the order is close to deadline and needs to be processed immediately in order to be delivered on time.

Once the order has been processed:
We will not be able to cancel or refund an order once it has been processed.

In transit (shipped):
Once shipped, we cannot stop the shipment. Once shipped, we cannot exchange, cancel or refund it. The following policies apply to address issues:

A) If the address is incorrect or incomplete:

Some delivery services offer the ability to intercept packages to correct addresses while they are in transit. Depending on the courier, we will charge a fee to intercept the package. If the package is intercepted, the package will be exposed to additional shipping time and product quality can no longer be guaranteed. This refund will not be processed.

B) If no one can accept the package:

Delivery of certain items requires signature confirmation, and if no one is available to accept delivery, the package will be held at a local facility and the recipient will need to contact the Courier in a timely manner according to the shipping label. the door. The quality of the products can no longer be guaranteed and returns are not accepted. Be sure to contact the recipient before the end of the day of the expected delivery date to ensure that the recipient does not lose the package for any reason.

C) If the recipient has signed for receipt of the package:

We strongly recommend that you send the item to a location where the recipient can reach it on the expected delivery date and a few days later in case the package is delayed for any reason. Once the package is delivered, we have no control. The recipient will have to directly coordinate the best way to recover the package from the address they have provided to us.

Delivery failure:

Tracking data indicates successful delivery: If the courier’s tracking data indicates that the package has been delivered, but the recipient has not received it, the problem is considered to have occurred at the recipient’s address. recipient and we have no control over it, so we cannot accept refund requests.
Tracking data indicates delivery attempt but no delivery – The following are common reasons for delivery attempt but no delivery. As we have no control over this, we cannot accept refund requests for any of these reasons.
The address is incorrect or incomplete
No one can accept the goods
The recipient refused to accept the goods
There is no name on the address
The recipient’s name was not on the door

Date of delivery:

The delivery date selection tool on the website provides an estimated delivery date to help schedule future delivery dates. This is our best estimate of transportation time based on preparation time and transportation method. Although we continually improve our estimate of delivery date, this is not a guaranteed arrival date. Under our express agreement, the project may arrive slightly earlier or later than the estimated delivery date due to various factors. We are unable to offer compensation for items arriving later than the specified delivery date.

Delivery error:

Missing Items – If part of your order is missing or an item is missing, we will refund the amount of the missing item.

Note: If the package is damaged or you no longer wish to receive the item, it is recommended not to accept the package.

Refund processing time:
If a refund is required, it normally takes us between 2 and 5 business days to process it. In the case of weekends or holidays, the refund will be made the next business day.

Once the refund processing is completed, the bank generates a refund transaction identifier and the money leaves our account without any controls to stop or accelerate the transaction.

Based on our experience, below is an estimate of how long it will take for a refund to appear on your statement.

Credit/debit card: Most large financial institutions may take 3 to 5 business days to post the credit to your account. For some small banks and debit cards, it may take up to 10 business days.

Paypal: Paypal refunds can be viewed immediately in your paypal account.

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